Annual Round Up: Our Top 5 Stories from 2020

Editorial Staff | January 11, 2021
Products & Features

The new year is a time to reflect on the accomplishments of the year before. Despite the uncertain times 2020 brought, we managed to bring some light with the launch of our new products, the Nice/Linear® LDCO863B (the brightest GDO on the market!) and LDCO841 Smart Garage Door Openers. So, what better way to ring in the new year than reviewing the top 5 stories of 2020?

1. “Understanding AC and DC Garage Door Operators”

While not all operators are the same, there are two common types of motors used in most GDOs and it’s important to understand the difference when you’re looking to purchase a new garage door opener. In this educational piece, we walk through the difference in AC and DC-powered operators and the advantages of each with insights from our product manager, Mark Mattson. See the advantages and let us help you make the choice easier.

2. “Choosing the Best Nice/Linear® Gate Operator for You”

It can be challenging to find a gate operator that fits the bill in terms of cost, performance and functionality. Depending on your geographic location, different weather conditions can play a significant factor in choosing the right gate operator. Here, we break down the best Nice/Linear gate operators for you based on the four regions of the United States: Midwest, West, South and Northeast. Find the right Nice/Linear gate operator for you!

3. “The Nice/Linear® e3 Firmware Upgrade Rundown”

In 2020, we also announced significant upgrades to our e3 Series firmware, which is integrated into the Nice/Linear Essential, Essential Plus, Elite and ProControl commercial access control systems. With end-users and customers in mind, these upgrades include improved security and encryption, smart reporting and much more for added peace of mind. We discussed how these upgrades help defend against cyber threats such as hacking. Learn more about the e3 firmware upgrades and how they help you and your customers. 

4. “New Solutions to Give Your Customers the Support They Need”

 We realize there has been a shift from face-to-face interaction with customers to online and virtual, which is why we put together this quick blog to share with you the new solutions and resources available to easily make that adjustment! From a whole training video library to blogs and more, we encourage you to see the ways we’re providing solutions for you and your customers.

5. “Commercial Access That Works for You & Your Building”

If property, security, gated community and multi-tenant residential building managers haven’t looked at the latest commercial access control software upgrades, they are missing new system functionality that makes entry more manageable and buildings more secure. We discussed the different capabilities our commercial access control solutions include and how they help lower dealers’ costs while providing exceptional security. See why dealers trust Nice/Linear commercial access control!

With 2020 closed out, we look forward to sharing more hard-hitting, educational and exciting content to you and your customers!