Loyal to Nice/Linear® Access: Allen Edwin Homes

Editorial Staff | May 2, 2022

Allen Edwin Homes

People make choices based on what they value most. It’s the mantra Allen Edwin Homes has lived by for more than 25 years of business in the Michigan and Indiana (Michiana) markets. Now one of the largest homebuilders in Michigan, the building company got its start in 1994 in Kalamazoo and has been cultivating partnerships and serving Michiana ever since.

Among those partnerships is none other than Nice/Linear® access and door solutions. For more than a decade, Allen Edwin has turned to Nice/Linear garage door operators to provide for their happy homeowners.

Allen Edwin HomesAllen Edwin Homes was recently awarded the ‘Linear Loyalty Award’ during the 2021 Nice North America Builder Awards for their commitment to the brand, but they feel it’s the commitment from the brand that’s kept them around all this time.

“We’ve found that Nice/Linear represents an excellent blend of quality and value. The Nice/Linear garage door openers we’ve installed are proven performers. With little to no warranty issues in the past, we know it to be a great product that offers several valuable features for the money,” said Natalie Sayfie, Allen Edwin’s Digital Marketing Manager.

Among some of those features – Nice/Linear garage door operators include bright LED lighting, smartphone app-based controls, battery backup and more. Nice/Linear access follows the latest technology trends and evolves with the times to provide easy-installation and easy-to-use experiences for homeowners. Interchangeable heads and rails allow Nice/Linear access partners to be flexible and mix and match Nice/Linear GDOs — based on each customer’s needs.Allen Edwin Homes

Allen Edwin wants the same – providing their homeowners a variety of options to best cater to their customers. With similar missions, it only makes sense the Nice/Linear and Allen Edwin partnership is so long-standing. The Nice/Linear Loyalty runs deep.