Why Dealers Choose the Linear® AE-100 Telephone Entry System

For over 40 years, Linear® access control systems have had an impressive reputation of providing commercial customers with solutions that keep them safe while striving to help our dealers be successful. Telephone entry systems are a perfect example of the solutions we produce to generate customer trust and dealer loyalty. Here we’ll explore the features of the Linear AE-100 telephone entry system and the many reasons our dealers continue to see success with their commercial installations.

Dealers’ Go-To Solution 

The Linear AE-100 telephone entry system is the last tele-entry product out of the fan-favorite AE series mold. The AE series became well-known throughout the industry because it meets the needs that the commercial access market demands. This includes delivering an intuitive, easy-to-use system for consumers packed with proven technology and programming capabilities that make for a smooth and hassle-free installation for professionals. Maintaining the system is a simple task as well; professional installers and dealers have the ability to program the directory and entry codes locally using the keypad or remotely with a touch tone telephone.

One of the many benefits dealers continue to experience from this system is that it can be used in any commercial installation. Some examples include, utilizing the system in a lobby of a multi-dwelling unit (MDU) such as an apartment complex or outside of an office building or gated community.

Features and Advantages

There are many features and advantages with the AE-100 telephone entry system, including its easy-to-use interface. Users can easily scroll through the directory names and codes; plus, display programming prompts and voice help is available in several different languages. Other great features of this model include:

  • Many installation choices including surface, recessed and gooseneck mounting
  • Accepts a total of 125 directory listings or stand-alone entry codes
  • TTY jack for connection to text communication for the hearing impaired
  • Simple network capability with up to four units which allows transferring programming data from “master” unit to other sub-units

If you’re interested in learning more about the Linear AE-100 telephone entry system or are looking to make a purchase, contact your Regional Sales Manager today!

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Commercial Access Control That Works for You & Your Building

If property, security, gated community and multi-tenant residential building managers haven’t looked at the latest commercial access control software upgrades, they are missing new system functionality that makes entry more manageable and buildings more secure.

People want to feel safe in their homes and at work and rising intrusion threats have the potential to erode employee and resident peace of mind. A proven first line of defense is the commercial access control system. What sets commercial systems apart compared to residential is the scalability required to secure from one to up to hundreds of entry access points.

Better Commercial Access Control

Quick and easy access for authorized persons while securely restricting others is a basic requirement. However, security and building managers have been asking for some time now that systems deliver capabilities beyond the basics.

Giving dealers a competitive advantage in addressing these requests are the e3 Series firmware updates and feature enhancements recently made in all Linear® Essential, Essential Plus, Elite and ProControl commercial access control systems. Using the latest technologies, Linear commercial access control systems amp up security and web services protection against the rise in cyber threats with improved encryption, smart reporting and card types access control functionality.

These firmware upgrades also permit all types of system customization. Customizable door diagrams and floor plans are simplified. Plus, it is possible to create different access categories for authorized users as well as the ability to set up various user entry schedules. For extra convenience and flexibility, dealers can set up user access through key fobs or with other credentials using the mobile-friendly user interface.

The Dealer’s Choice

The highly scalable, open platform e3 Series design hits the sweet spot for many commercial installations. It has one hardware design, one software code base, and simple, sophisticated features enabling the Linear e3 Series access control solutions to easily scale up to 128 doors.

Dealers are able to lower their costs and minimize future customer costs. Dealers will also like the attractive lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) from reduced installation and off-site programming costs as well as license key-based scalability.

See all the benefits the Linear Essential, Essential Plus, Elite and ProControl commercial access control systems can deliver from the newly upgraded e3 series firmware. Looking for more resources? View our extensive video library including overviews, configuration and setup wizard “how-to” videos and more!

Choosing the Best Linear® Gate Operator for You

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The Linear® e3 Firmware Upgrade Rundown

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New Solutions to Give Your Customers the Support They Need

We realize driving to your customers’ homes for troubleshooting and maintenance might not be possible right now due to COVID-19. Don’t be discouraged — we are here to help!

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Meeting Customer Demand with New Access Control Solutions

By Mark Prowten, Director of Product Management


Linear® access control systems have an impressive heritage of over 40 years of supplying solutions that provide secure access for commercial customers and prides itself in supporting its dealers to be successful and profitable.

Recently, we have launched our new Entry Pro family of Telephone Entry and Access products leading with our 7” touchscreen model and two 4.3” display models. These are designed to meet the demands of gated communities and multi-tenant residential properties.

Entry Pro 7-inch

In addition, we have new firmware for our e3™ Access Control products that will be available in June that includes some new features and addresses potential security vulnerabilities for systems that were put directly on the internet.

We have some other exciting products coming out later in the year that I’m not at liberty to say at this time but I can say it’s a good time to become a Linear dealer as there are some nice products and solutions on the way this year and next that will empower our dealers and partners to prosper. Continue reading “Meeting Customer Demand with New Access Control Solutions”

Dealer Insights: Business Impacts & Solutions During COVID-19

COVID-19 Business Impact

We understand the impact that COVID-19 has had on businesses and communities around the country. Although these are uncertain times, we have seen our dealers respond to this current crisis with patience and with added creativity. Below we share tips from one of our dealers on how their business is navigating through these difficult times. Each business is uniquely different, but we are all in this together.

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How Access Control Keeps You and Your Building Safe

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