White Paper: Touchless Solutions Add Convenience to Access

Editorial Staff | January 18, 2022
These days, people can use their phones for just about anything. It only makes sense that as the access industry evolves, they’re tapping in, too.

Touchless solutions, like the Nice/Linear® Bluetooth readers, are growing in demand. Since 2020, roughly more than 20% of all organizations made the switch to using mobile credentials, like Bluetooth readers.

That demand isn’t expected to slow down soon, so it’s important to stay in the loop on the key benefits to Bluetooth and the best ways to install them safely and securely.

Our newest (and free!) white paper touches on these topics and others, like how the access industry has boosted security to protect vulnerable data from getting out to the wrong hands. The white paper covers several topics including:

  • Bluetooth demand in the market
  • Advantages of Bluetooth-based solutions
  • Ease of set up and installation

Click here to download the white paper and get the latest information that can boost your business, by keeping up with the ever-changing world of technology.