What Sets the Nice/Linear® Entry Pro Access Control System Apart?

Editorial Staff | December 2, 2021
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The EntryPro telephone entry and access system is a part of the Nice/Linear® commercial access control line. The EntryPro series offers three models to meet the secure access needs of gated and multi-tenant residential communities: our 7-inch touchscreen model and two 4.3-inch display models. We’ve outlined below the many features and benefits that make our latest EntryPro telephone entry systems a win-win for both end-users and dealers in any commercial installation.

Dealer Benefits

Some key elements that sets the new Nice/Linear EntryPro Telephone Entry apart are, that it is both a telephone entry system and a feature-rich expandable access control system all in one. Incorporating the leading features of our commercial access control system within the EntryPro allows to be utilized in a wider range of applications. This separates it from many competing Telephone Entry systems which either connect to an existing access control or be left as a standalone separately managed disparate system. The EntryPro provides flexible, affordable options, with unparalleled performance and expandability. Your commercial customers will be thrilled to have a LAN/WAN browser-based multi-door access control and telephone entry in an all-in-one solution. With cutting-edge hardware and three different models to manage single or multi-door buildings, the possibilities are endless for commercial access control dealers. Take a look at these key features:

Nice/Linear EP-402 Standalone Telephone Entry & Access System

  • Packed with in-demand features, the system includes motion sensors, ambient light sensors and an optional HD IP camera
  • Includes MegaCode™ Receiver, Power Transformer and mounting hardware
  • The system is out of the box ready to install for two doors. Plus, it is easily upgradeable to a networked 36 door with the purchase of a license key
  • The full color 4.3-inch LED screen features adjustable backlighting and is easy to read in direct sun. It can also be customized with text and images

Nice/Linear EP-436 EntryPro

  • Versatile, this model includes 36 door client/server capability with direct connectivity for 2 Doors, 4 Readers and 2 I/O ports
  • Flexibility and value: the system is compatible with most popular long-range readers and VoIP adapters.
  • Its rugged design features a water-resistant stainless-steel faceplate, which allows for higher reliability function in rain, sleet, and snow
  • The system supports up to 64 doors using expansion nodes and licenses enabling expanded access as needed
  • Provides internal mounting of our new Mobile Bluetooth readers for a contactless user experience

The Nice/Linear EP-736 EntryPro has the same capabilities as the EP-436 but with a larger a 7-inch touch screen display.

End-Users’ Delight

We designed the EntryPro to enable small businesses, gated communities, and those living in multi-dwelling residential buildings to have more reliable access control capabilities. All the features that make this new line easy to sell for dealers are what end users will like as well.  Features like our innovative user interface that is easily viewed in all weather conditions – even in direct sunlight so there’s no more struggling to punch in the proper code during the daytime! Plus, EntryPro users will appreciate improvements like crystal clear two-way audio, network stability and enhanced weather-resistant housing and seals.

Recent Improvements

The EntryPro recently underwent some firmware upgrades which are beneficial to both the dealer and consumer. Some key features include:

  • Enhanced network communication protocols which greatly improved server-client communications for larger data intensive networks
  • Added security features and disabled unnecessary ports (open ports increases susceptibility to hackers gaining access to the system and cyber-attacks)
  • Added security updates for common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) which is a is a list of entries for publicly known cybersecurity vulnerabilities

If you’re a dealer looking for more information or want to place an order, contact your local Sales Representative. For residents who want a better and secure access control system for your community, find a dealer near you!