The Nice/Linear® e3 Firmware Upgrade Rundown

Editorial Staff | July 30, 2020
Products & Features

We recently announced significant upgrades to our e3 Series firmware which is integrated into the Nice/Linear® Essential, Essential Plus, Elite and ProControl commercial access control systems. With end-users and customers in mind, the latest updates to the firmware include improved security and encryption, smart reporting, and much more for added security peace of mind.

This is the first of many upgrades to our e3 series firmware. There will be several more upgrades to come in order to continue addressing the ongoing commercial security and access control needs for businesses of all sizes, according to Mark Prowten, director of product management for Nice North America’s (NSC) Nice/Linear brand.

“We remain committed to constantly improving our security technologies to guard against the growing list of internal as well as external threats,” said Prowten.

Recently, there has been a rise in cyber threats such as hacking and this roll out of upgrades to the firmware for Nice/Linear e3 access control systems employ the latest code technology to alleviate concerns and reduce the risk of cyber mishaps, Prowten explained.

Nice/Linear® Access Control Systems

All Nice/Linear Essential, Essential Plus, Elite and ProControl commercial access control systems come with the newly upgraded e3 series firmware. Each of the systems are easily scalable and include the option to upgrade with a license key. The advanced Nice/Linear Elite access control system is ideal for larger businesses with the expansion capability to manage up to 128 multi-door, multi-site facilities. The Nice/Linear Essential system is great for small to mid-size companies looking for entry-level access control that can grow with them including management of one to four doors.

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