Choosing the Best Nice/Linear® Gate Operator for You

Editorial Staff | August 12, 2020
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It can be challenging to find a gate operator that fits the bill in terms of cost, performance and functionality. Depending on your geographic location, different weather climates and conditions can play a significant factor in choosing the right gate operator. Nice/Linear gate operators are sure to be the solution you’re looking for with smooth performance and a price that fits the budget.

In this piece, we break down the best Nice/Linear® gate operator for you based on the four regions of the United States: Midwest, West, South and Northeast. Let’s dive into the different options available to you!

Best Options for Your Region:

Midwest and Northeast Regions

For those who live in the Midwest or Northeast, extreme weather conditions are no stranger to you. These regions may be warm during spring and summer; however, they are subject to severe snow during autumn and winter.

We suggest installing cantilever gates to your property or commercial building. A cantilever gate is a type of slide gate; however, it does not roll on the ground. The gate is supported by a series of rollers attached to the supporting posts or fence on one side of the opening.  In this way, the moving gate is not really touching the ground. Having the gate slide open and close without touching the ground means there’s less or no snow affecting the movement of the gate. This eliminates having to shovel snow to open your gate! However, these types of gates tend to be a little more difficult to move.

We also recommend post-mounting the gate operator, so the operator is off the ground and easily accessible in case of heavy snowfall.

The Nice/Linear HSLG Gate Operator is the ideal choice for those living in the Midwest and Northeast because these cantilever gates require large, durable operators that can be post mounted.

West Region

 There are a lot of gated and multi-family communities in these regions, so having a compact, beautiful installation is beneficial because the look of the gate is important. In addition, the western states tend to be very dry and hot compared to elsewhere, so the heat and sun can be a factor. Our recommendation is to install smaller, more compact, aesthetically pleasing, and cool to the touch pad mount swing or slide operators.

Luckily, we offer a variety of swing and slide gate operators that fits the bill, including:

  • For strictly commercial jobs, use the Nice/Linear SLC Series Sliding Gate Operator which features an opening rate of 11 inches per second or the SWC Series Swing Gate Operator that features an 11 to 14 second opening speed. Both models include 115V or 230V supply voltage and are available in multiple horsepower options.
  • For residential and commercial installations, we recommend the Nice/Linear SLD Series Slide Gate Operator which features a 12-inch per second opening speed or the SWD Series Swing Gate Operator which has an opening speed of 12 to 14 seconds! Both models come with a DC battery backup and are solar power capable.

South Region

 Since a good portion of properties in the South are large, with longer distances between the fence line and the home, swing gates and arm-style operators are a great choice. They provide a cost-effective solution by being solar capable, eliminating the need to get power to the fence line, and installs by simply attaching the operator and controller to the gate post and gate, so they require less labor for installation.

Take a look at the Nice/Linear Pro XLS Swing Gate Operator Series which are ideal for single family homes and ranches:

Regardless of where you live, Nice/Linear gate operators are the solution to your gate operating needs! For more information or if you have any questions, reach out to your Regional Sales Manager today.

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