Commercial Access Control That Works for You & Your Building

Editorial Staff | September 10, 2020
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If property, security, gated community and multi-tenant residential building managers haven’t looked at the latest commercial access control software upgrades, they are missing new system functionality that makes entry more manageable and buildings more secure.

People want to feel safe in their homes and at work and rising intrusion threats have the potential to erode employee and resident peace of mind. A proven first line of defense is the commercial access control system. What sets commercial systems apart compared to residential is the scalability required to secure from one to up to hundreds of entry access points.

Better Commercial Access Control

Quick and easy access for authorized persons while securely restricting others is a basic requirement. However, security and building managers have been asking for some time now that systems deliver capabilities beyond the basics.

Giving dealers a competitive advantage in addressing these requests are the e3 Series firmware updates and feature enhancements recently made in all Nice/Linear® Essential, Essential Plus, Elite and ProControl commercial access control systems. Using the latest technologies, Nice/Linear commercial access control systems amp up security and web services protection against the rise in cyber threats with improved encryption, smart reporting and card types access control functionality.

These firmware upgrades also permit all types of system customization. Customizable door diagrams and floor plans are simplified. Plus, it is possible to create different access categories for authorized users as well as the ability to set up various user entry schedules. For extra convenience and flexibility, dealers can set up user access through key fobs or with other credentials using the mobile-friendly user interface.

The Dealer’s Choice

The highly scalable, open platform e3 Series design hits the sweet spot for many commercial installations. It has one hardware design, one software code base, and simple, sophisticated features enabling the Nice/Linear e3 Series access control solutions to easily scale up to 128 doors.

Dealers are able to lower their costs and minimize future customer costs. Dealers will also like the attractive lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) from reduced installation and off-site programming costs as well as license key-based scalability.

See all the benefits the Nice/Linear Essential, Essential Plus, Elite and ProControl commercial access control systems can deliver from the newly upgraded e3 series firmware. Looking for more resources? View our extensive video library including overviews, configuration and setup wizard “how-to” videos and more!