New Solutions to Give Your Customers the Support They Need

Editorial Staff | May 6, 2020

We realize driving to your customers’ homes for troubleshooting and maintenance might not be possible right now due to COVID-19. Don’t be discouraged — we are here to help!

From our extensive training video library to our educational content, we hope you find a solution that fits your needs!

Training Video Library

Our training video library is here to help your customers with questions they may run into. Need to learn how to add a device to our Nice/Linear app? No problem. Is the operator beeping five times and not sure what to do? Here’s the fix.

Check out our full library of troubleshooting videos here. We also have the entire comprehensive collection of training videos available. These feature step-by-step installation and maintenance instructions for a broad range of products and topics from E3, to eMerge, to our LDCO800 videos, we are sure there’s something for you.

In addition, our Nice/Linear app training videos can be found here.

We are committed to giving you the resources that will help you stay competitive while keeping your business moving – no matter the circumstances.

Additional Resources

Make sure you stay up-to-date on all the latest news and resources available to you. Check out our recent blog post on why Nice/Linear garage door openers are so easy to install for dealers. In addition, make sure to sign up for our newsletter where we share featured content, product information and important industry news.