9 Reasons Why Nice/Linear Garage Door Operators Are So Easy for Dealers to Install

Editorial Staff | April 6, 2020
Products & Features

Linear Garage Door OpenersWhat makes Nice/Linear a great choice for dealers? For starters, our install process is simple and fast. This means you’re saving time and money on each install. On average, the installation is 15 minutes quicker than our competitors! This means you’re on to your next install quicker, and with less hassle.

See the 9 reasons why dealers prefer installing Nice/Linear:

    1. Pre-tensioned rails
      – No need to mess with adjusting on tensioning the chain or belt, just bolt the rail to the head and you’re good to go!
    2. Interchangeable (belt/chain) rails
      – Designed for easy inventory management and flexibility
    3. Common head size mounting hardware
      – Now you don’t have to keep switching between a collection of socket driver sizes
    4. Pre stripped wire
      -This reduces the amount of the pesky little things you normally need to do, aka QUICK install!
    5. Large head terminal screws
      – This makes it easier to connect the wired items
    6. Polarity insensitive photos eyes
      – Means no troubleshooting because it doesn’t matter which way you wire them
    7. Polarity insensitive wall station (except for smart GDOs)
      – Still no troubleshooting because it doesn’t matter which way you wire them!
    8. Electronic limits
      – There’s easy pushbuttons to set the limits how you want them and where you want them
    9. Automatic force learning
      – This is it…just run the operator and you’re done!


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