Unboxing the Nice/Linear® LDCO863B Smart Garage Door Opener

Editorial Staff | October 14, 2021

There’s nothing quite like a good unboxing video. You get to live vicariously through someone on the other side of the screen unpacking and enjoying the latest tech toy or gadget. In that spirit, we wanted to highlight one of our featured dealers, SOS Garage Door Service, who recently posted an unboxing video of their own for the Nice/Linear® LDCO863B Smart Garage Door Opener. 

“This thing is a party!” 

We agree! We’ve spent over 60 years working to ensure our garage door openers always include the latest technologies, from the newest smart app capabilities, to the industry’s brightest LED lighting. With installer-friendly features like: 

  • Ultra-smooth and quiet industry leading performance with variable speed operation, soft start/stop, and ultra-quiet motor 
  • Integrated battery backup compliant with California state regulations, with energy-efficient LED lighting & dimmable LED light panels included 
  • Responsive remote controls that operate over long range and employ high-security technology 

 It’s little wonder more dealers are switching to Nice/Linear garage door operators. 


Read more about the Linear 863B Garage Door Opener. Ready to make the switch? Contact a Regional Sales Manager to get started.