Control a Nice/Linear® GDO Through Your Phone

Editorial Staff | April 19, 2021

Providing extra safety benefits, Nice/Linear® smart garage door operators, the LDCO 863B and LDCO841 are able to be controlled by a smart phone, in addition to a traditional RF transmitter and keypads.  The Nice/Linear Smart Garage Door App is loaded with features that give homeowners more choices in controlling safe and secure access.

The Nice/Linear Smart Garage Door App delivers intelligent functionality and useful access information in so many ways. Via its activation history, it allows users to track who opened and closed the door.  To ensure maximum security, the open command is unique to the app account and cannot be used without standard smartphone security methods.

There are safer advantages of using an app to control a garage too, than keeping a transmitter in a car. Cars are able to be broken into. If a transmitter is inside the car, a thief could have access to opening the garage, and even worse, entry to a home. It is less likely for a thief to steal a phone and know the access code.

Safety is enhanced further as the app triggers the GDO with pre-movement flashing and sound warnings.

Your customers can still control their Nice/Linear GDO with the transmitter if that is their preference. And, people like the ease of having multiple transmitters in various locations.  Your customers have choices as well as the option to conveniently use both!

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