Meeting Customer Demand with New Access Control Solutions

Editorial Staff | May 4, 2020

By Mark Prowten, Director of Product Management


Nice/Linear® access control systems have an impressive heritage of over 40 years of supplying solutions that provide secure access for commercial customers and prides itself in supporting its dealers to be successful and profitable.

Recently, we have launched our new Entry Pro family of Telephone Entry and Access products leading with our 7” touchscreen model and two 4.3” display models. These are designed to meet the demands of gated communities and multi-tenant residential properties.

Entry Pro 7-inch

In addition, we have new firmware for our e3™ Access Control products that will be available in June that includes some new features and addresses potential security vulnerabilities for systems that were put directly on the internet.

We have some other exciting products coming out later in the year that I’m not at liberty to say at this time but I can say it’s a good time to become a Nice/Linear dealer as there are some nice products and solutions on the way this year and next that will empower our dealers and partners to prosper.

Why Nice/Linear®?

The Nice/Linear® brand has an amazing history, great people and products that are really dedicated to the success of our channel and dealer partners. There is a lot of new development happening behind the scenes that will empower our partners to grow and succeed in market for the long term.

We are constantly working to review, refresh and if necessary, completely redesign to meet the changing market and cybersecurity requirements to provide our dealers with products that meet the requirements of today and for the future.

Easy Install

Installation and setup for an access control system at the most basic level is not difficult and can go quickly but every system installation usually has specific requirements with many being quite complex and sizable. For example, a commercial Access Control system can be simple with one or two doors or quite complex requiring many variables such as; the size of the installation (1 door, 50 doors, hundreds of doors), the security policies of the company, how many users, what time restraints or access polices, does the environment require badging only to get in the facility or badging in and out, is the facility a general commercial building or a high security campus, does the system need to integrate with a surveillance system or other employee or facility management system, is the system for just this facility or crosses multiple facilities and locations.

These are just a few of the variables that our dealers solve every day with our Access Control system and the support of our dedicated system design group that provides support to our dealers in making sure they are successful with each installation.