Commercial Security Gets a Boost with Firmware Updates for the Nice/Linear® e3 Series of Security Products

Editorial Staff | December 31, 2020
Products & Features

This year, we announced significant upgrades to our e3 Series firmware.  With end-users and dealers in mind, the latest updates offer capabilities commercial facilities want most including advanced encryption and convenient smart reporting feature enhancements.

“Many organizations have seen an alarming rise in cyber threats such as system hacking,” remarked Mark Prowten, director of product management for Nice North America’s Nice/Linear® brand. “To combat this, our firmware upgrades employ the latest code technology to alleviate concerns and reduce the risk of cyber mishaps. This gives our Nice/Linear Essential, Essential Plus, Elite, Enterprise and ProControl commercial access control system customers added security peace of mind.”

Noteworthy Features and Improvements

Some key elements of this update include:

  • Increased encrypted support for sensitive system data
  • New add-on license for Smart Reports
  • Enhanced user privilege and input checks
  • Added unique tokens per page requests improving webpage security
  • Uses latest versions of PHP, web, ssl and other base services
  • Continuously address common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE)

“Addressing CVEs is important to ongoing security. We continually review products against a list of CVE entries for publicly known cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Effectively addressing the many ways hackers can exploit these weaknesses makes infiltrating our systems that much tougher,” added Prowten. “We remain committed to constantly improving our security technologies to guard against the growing list of internal as well as external threats.”

We have your back and are always looking for ways to stay ahead of your commercial security and access control customer needs. You can expect that this is the first of many upgrades to our e3 series firmware. Stay tuned for more innovative solutions to come.

We also launched firmware updates for our Entry Pro Telephone Entry System which you can read about, here. For more news and product updates regarding all things Nice/Linear access control, sign up for our newsletter!