Ask the Expert: Why Nice/Linear?

Editorial Staff | March 13, 2020
Ask the Expert

Nice/Linear is focused on solutions. In our “Ask the Expert” series, we share some of the most asked-about topics and offer insights from product knowledge leaders in order to better serve you.

Mark Mattson
Nice/Linear Product Manager Mark Mattson

To kick off the series, Nice/Linear Product Manager Mark Mattson uses his 18 years of experience to share a few reasons why dealers (and ultimately consumers) can rely on our products. This month, Nice/Linear exhibited at the IDA Expo in Salt Lake City on March 2-6. Below, Mattson shares insights on some of the most frequently asked questions from the event and shares why people should #Ask4Linear.

Q: Why should consumers #Ask4Linear?

Mattson: Glad you asked! Consumers should and do ask for Nice/Linear because we have been trusted in the industry since 1961. That’s almost 60 years of product innovation and service! In addition, we have the quietest openers on the market. That’s really something to be proud of and one of the many things that sets us apart from our competitors.

Q: How is Nice/Linear using innovative technology in its product lines?

Mattson: Our groundbreaking and proven LCDO 800 operator has been such a success over the years that we thought it would be best to leverage it while adding new technologies to our line. The 850 and 852 add the technology features people have been asking for – LED lighting and Wi-Fi connectivity with iOS and Android apps and Cloud technology.

Q: Why would it benefit me [a dealer] to carry Nice/Linear’s smart garage door openers compared to its competitors?

Mattson: Nice/Linear still prides its garage door, gate, and access control businesses on knowledgeable, loyal, personal relationships with our dealers. We continue to strive to create products that help your business grow and thrive. We’ve really produced products to make life easier for installing dealers, including our innovative chain and belt rails that are interchangeable so they can be used with any power head. Nearly the entire industry has followed our lead on that one. It’s subtle enough that you might just take it for granted, but we use some custom mounting hardware so you can do all the lag bolts with the same size socket driver, and the wire terminal screws have extra-large heads to make it easier to secure the beam and wall station wires.

Q: How simple is it to integrate your smart garage door opener with your smart home?

Mattson: The Nice/Linear 850 and 852 smart garage door openers not only have the Nice/Linear app for remote status checking, operation and instant open functionality; but can also integrate with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and ELAN home platforms so you can really choose what’s best for your lifestyle. It only takes seconds and is as easy as finding the smart device on your app and pairing with it.

Q: What should we be looking forward to from Nice/Linear this year?

Mattson: Look for continuing feature enhancements on the Nice/Linear app and some really cool things that I can’t mention just yet…stay tuned, you won’t want to miss this.