9 Reasons to Switch to Nice/Linear® Garage Door Openers

Editorial Staff | July 20, 2021

With over 60 years of experience, the Nice/Linear® brand is a brand that delivers quality and reliability your customers can trust. Need more reasons to make the switch?  Make the move to Nice/Linear garage door openers today: 


  1. Performance with innovation

Starting with the development of groundbreaking radio frequency remote controls, our broad line of automatic door operators has expanded to include the latest technologies, from smart app capabilities to the industry’s brightest LED lighting and more.


  1. Interchangeable heads & rails

Mix and match heads and rails to create over 100 unique models.


  1. Fair & simple pricing

Rather than pushing specials, promos or points, we say every day is a good day to buy a Nice/Linear brand garage door opener.


  1. Installer-friendly features

Quicker and simpler installations for more efficiency and greater profits. 


  1. Proven & solid engineering

We have been manufacturing remotes/receivers for the door industry from its beginning in 1961. You can trust our quality and engineering, IT WORKS. 


  1. Technician-friendly features

On-board self-diagnostic systems for quicker solutions in the field. 


  1. Stand out from competitors 

Sell something other than just price and be different than the “Big Boxes”. 


  1. Reduced inventory = bigger profits

Better cash-flow & reduced inventory makes a better bottom line. 


  1. Unequaled dealer support

800 phone help and in-field support from your Regional Sales Manager. 


Ready to make the switch? Contact a Regional Sales Manager to get started.