Telephone Entry Systems

Experience Tele Entry in New Ways with Linear

We offer advanced commercial telephone entry systems with access control capabilities for sites with up to four doors and gates, each supporting request-to-exit and door status monitoring.

e3 Telephone Entry Accessories

E3 Entry is the latest addition to the proven e3 access control family. E3 Entry is browser-based access control system and multi-door telephone entry all-in-one. E3 Entry series features easy-to-use interface with voice guidance, simple tone gesturing and visual cues. The system leverages existing technology investments and is compatible with modern telephony connections for easy and fast installations. E3 Entry is designed for gated communities, parking garages, office buildings, apartments, dormitories, hotels/motels, commercial buildings and recreational facilities.

Telephone Entry Systems

Linear offers a complete line of telephone entry products. From one location solutions to solutions for thousands of multitenant installations, we have the Telephone Entry solution for you. Our software program systems offer an embedded programming option or a more sophisticated PC software application—for a range of different types of sites. Our software-based systems also have the ability to add an access control, or door control module for other areas of the installation (if pre-screening TE is not an option).

Telephone Entry Accessories

Our Telephone Entry accessories share our unwavering commitment to excellence in service and unmatched customer support—and they have everything you need to enhance your overall Telephone Entry System.

Peripherals and Transmitters

We also offer a myriad of peripherals, transmitters and other add-on accessories. This includes: AM-series peripherals, Wiegand receivers, ACT family of credentials as well as many other devices which can all be planned into the initial system or installed on a retrofit basis. Our Customer Support Team will help you get the exact device that you need.