MIM: The Solution Multi-Input Module


 Compatible with all common interfaces:
10K, N.C., 2-wire pulsed, and 4-wire pulsed
· Expands gate operator interface six additional
inputs for entrapment devices
· Entrapment devices can be assigned to either
two outputs for open and close directions
· Meets the 2016 UL 325 requirements for
additional entrapment devices
· UL 325-2016 Recognized Component with APeX2 controller
· 1-year warranty


MIM-62 provides a means to connect up to 6 monitored device inputs and is compatible with most 2016 UL325 compliant gate operator brands. Designed to allow flexibility, MIM also provides 2 outputs to auto detect N.C., pulsed or resistive devices. This flexibility allows professional installers the ability to mix and match input devices options.