IV-52E Mounting Adapter

The IV-52E is a mounting adapter which enables the installation of Nice/Linear’s IV200/400 Series Fixed Lens Dome Cameras onto the IV-116/117 Pendant Pipes and/or the IV-218 Wall Mount Bracket.


This mounting adapter plate enables the installation of the Nice/Linear IV200/400 Fixed Lens Dome Cameras onto a wall via the IV-218 Wall Mount Bracket or onto a Nice/Linear IV-116/117 Pendant Pipe attached to the ceiling. For easy installation, this plate is designed to simply screw into the IV-218 and IV-116/117. This also supports the Nice/Linear IV200-2TFW Turret Camera.


  • Supports IV200-2DFW, IV400-5DFW, IV200-2TFW
  • IP66 Rating
  • White color to match Nice/Linear IV Camera