IV-116 Pendant Pipe

The IV-116 is a 20cm (7.87″) extension pendant pipe which enables the Nice/Linear Dome network cameras to be installed a desired distance away from the ceiling or electrical box to obtain the optimal FOV


The IV-116 extension pendant pipe is designed to be attached onto the Nice/Linear IV-114 Pendant Head which should be installed onto the ceiling or an electrical box. With the IV-116, it is easy to route cables through and install the desired Nice/Linear camera. Multiple extension pendant pipes (IV-116 or IV-117) can be connected together to achieve desired length. A Nice/Linear camera mounting adapter (IV-52E or IV-528) is meant to be attached to the end to install a Nice/Linear IV200/400 Series Dome Camera.


  • 20cm (7.87″) in length
  • Attaches to IV-114 Pendant Head
  • Multiple can be connected together for desired length
  • Fits the IV-52E Mounting Adapter for the IV200 Series Dome Cameras
  • Fits the IV-528 Mounting Adapter for the IV400 Series Dome Cameras
  • IP66 Rating
  • White color to match Nice/Linear IV Camera