IV-114 Pendant Head

The IV-114 is a Pendant Head Mount that is directly attached to the ceiling or to an electrical box which enables Nice/Linear IV200/400 Dome Cameras to be installed on Nice/Linear IV-116/117 Pendant Pipes to obtain the desired FOV in places where the ceiling is high


 The IV-114 is meant to be used in tandem with the Nice/Linear IV-116/117 Pendant Pipes to allow the installation of IV200/400 Dome Cameras a distance away from the ceiling or electrical box.

The Pendant Head is meant to be attached directly to the ceiling or onto an electrical box cover overhead.

With an IP66 rating and a sealed cable routing port on the side, the IV-114 makes it easy to deploy a Nice/Linear IV200/400 Dome Camera in both indoor and outdoor applications.


  • Supports IV200-2DFW, IV200-2DVW, IV400-5DFW, IV400-5DVW, and IV200-2TFW (may need additional accessories for compatibility)
  • IP66 Rating
  • One cable routing port on the side
  • White color to match Nice/Linear IV Camera