EP-EXN: 2 Door 4 Readers Expansion Node

The EP-EXN 2 Door expansion node adds 2 doors and 4 readers to the networked EN or EP EntryPro system.


The EN-EXN 2 door expansion unit provides expansion to the networked EN and EP EntryPro Telephone Entry systems.<br><br>The EP-EXN includes; CPU, I/O, Cabinet, Power Supply and License for 2 additional doors and 4 additional readers. <br><br>The EP-EXN can be expanded to 4 doors and 8 readers by adding the EN-ACM module.<br><br>Part Number: 720-200104
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  • Expands EntryPro System
  • Adds 2 Doors, 4 Readers
  • Expandable to 4 Doors 8 Readers with EP-ACM 720-200105
  • Includes 2A Plug in Power (PIP) Supply
  • Lockable Metal Cabinet with Tamper Switch