EXN-4C: eMerge Elite 4-Door Expansion Node

EXN-4C: eMerge Elite 4-Door Expansion Node


4-Door Expansion Node in Compact Plastic Enclosure. Has 4 reader ports, 8 inputs, 8 outputs, integrated tamper switch, and optional POE. Designed to be installed separately from e3 Elite-36 system enclosure.


  • Shared hardware and software architecture across all e3-Series means easy upgrades and expansion
  • Reliable, IT-friendly embedded Linux operating system eliminates: Virus / spyware attacks, Operating System update dependency 
  • Adds 4 readers, 8 inputs, and 8 outputs to e3 Elite-36 systems
  • More than one can be added to e3 Elite-36 systems for control of up to 128 doors and 256 readers
  • Intuitive quick-start wizard allows for ultra-fast setup, saves hours of time versus traditional systems 
  • Browser-based management enables system status and updates from any place, with any browser, on any operating system 
  • Optional PoE power with e3-POE module
  • Integrated tamper switch
  • Compact plastic enclosure
  • Includes ODBC-compliant MySQL database with API