AM-RS232: RS-232 Extender Kit

AM-RS232: RS-232 Extender Kit


The Model AM-RS232 kit allows extending the RS-232 connection up to 1000 feet from a Nice/Linear AE1000Plus, AE2000Plus, or AM3PLUS access control panel to a programming or monitoring computer running Nice/Linear’s AccessBase2000 software.

The kit contains an RS-232 sender and receiver pair for sending the data over a Cat-5e cable up to 1000 feet. A plug-in power supply connects to the sender unit for power. The 6-foot Serial cable included in the kit connects the sender unit to the PC. Nice/Linear’s A2C-DB9 (ACP00415) access control serial interface cable is included in the kit to connect the receiver unit to the RS-232 port of the access control panel. Cat-5e cable is not included in the kit.

The kit also includes a USB to Serial adapter. The adapter can be used to interface with PC computers that do not provide external COM port connectors, but do have an available USB port connector. If the PC computer has an available DB-9 COM port connector, the USB to Serial adapter is not required.

A software driver CD is included to install on the PC to operate the USB to Serial adapter and assign a COM port number to the adapter. COM ports 1-8 are supported by the AccesBase2000 software.

Order number: ACP00965