12 Mullion Satin Standalone

212iLM-AL: Indoor / Outdoor Mullion-mount Weather Resistant Keypad, aluminum


Elegantly designed 212iLM-AL backlit keypad is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. The iLM keypad mounts directly to mullion door frames or most flat surfaces with no backbox required. The convenience of the built-in doorbell feature with the iLM’s sleek design make it an easy choice for entrance installations. Each of the iLM keypads have their electronics conformal coated during the manufacturing process to provide increased application flexibility.


  • 120 users 
  • Surface mount – fits on door mullion 
  • 1 – 2 amp relay 
  • Backlit hardened keys 
  • Sounder 
  • Available in Aluminum or Bronze 
  • Door bell relay 
  • Indoor/outdoor use 
  • Functionality mode: 212, 232


  • Operating voltage: 12/24 volts AC/DC – Auto-adjusting 
  • Dimensions: 1.71″ W x 6.48″ H x 1.13″ D 
  • Temperature tolerance: -20F to 130F 

Order number: 0-231344


121 users Single gang design 1 SPDT 2 amp relay and three 50mA negative voltage outputs Optional 293 relay board converts 3 voltage outputs to SPDT relays Indoor use only Functionality mode: 212, 232