e3 Telephone Entry System


Introducing the Linear Entry Pro Telephone Entry Series

The new Linear Entry Pro Telephone Entry lineup provides affordable, unparalleled performance for browser-based access control and multi-door telephone entry in an all-in-one unit. Our new products offer an innovative user interface that is easily viewed in all weather conditions – even in direct sunlight.

And Entry Pro users will appreciate improvements like crystal clear two-way audio, network stability and enhanced weather-resistant housing and seals. And the Entry Pro lineup End users will appreciate the intuitive user interface with a display that is viewable even in direct sunlight.

Entry Pro features three models to manage single or multi-door buildings.

The EP-402 features:
- a 4.3” color display,
- is ready for 2 doors and
- upgradable with a license purchase.

The EP-436 features:
- a 4.3” color display,
- handles 36 doors out of the box and
- is upgradable to 64 doors.

And the EP-736 has:
- the same capabilities as the EP-436
- to go with its beautiful 7” touch screen color display.

Learn more by downloading the Entry Pro brochure. And be sure to watch our new video!