We know from experience that there are many different areas where all of the benefits of access control aren’t always fully understood or (or appreciated) in the commercial (retail) business environment. That’s why we prefer to do a thorough, detailed Benefit Analysis for every Retail customer. One that goes deep into your retail or commercial access security goals and needs. The better our understanding is—about your security needs, exposures and potential vulnerabilities (including shrinkage) — the more effective and efficient we’ll be with our access control solutions.

Our experience tells us that there’s no substitute for “full disclosure”. Moreover, we embrace training and are very comfortable that it’s a necessary part of our Retail customer solution. Also, we’re experts in Sarbanes-Oxley and are very comfortable with the different and administrative-aspects aspects of this technology solution. We know there is more to Retail and Commercial security than equipment. Understanding the environment – from everyone’s perspective  – is vital!