Access Control Systems

Designed to Meet Your Specific Application Needs

Linear’s Access Control Systems deliver a perfect balance of true security and extraordinary convenience. Whether you need security for one access point, or hundreds, we specialize in customer-based solutions.


Browser-based Access Control

The Linear eMerge e3-Series (Essential, Essential Plus and Elite) is the next step in Linear's access control system technologies, delivering faster, easier set-up, and industry-leading scalability that outperforms the competition with the lowest total cost of ownership - due to lower installation and off-site programming costs as well as license key-based scalability. An embedded Linux OS, instead of a PC, makes it less susceptible to viruses.

Browser-based Accessories

These accessories are the critical hardware or software components that support and complement our browser-based systems. They are the very essence of what makes our technologies amazingly scalable, flexible and powerful. e3 series accessories have everything you need including: Power Supplies, Batteries, Credentials, Readers—and more.


Unparalleled access, security and remote control is the driving force behind Linear’s Remote Management Console (RMC). The RMC’s embedded platform provides total control and secure access to manage evolving, diverse remote access needs. The encrypted firewall and tunneling technology empowers users – with one click –to focus on their daily activities and responsibilities. The RMC can also remotely control and monitor IP video.

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PC-based Access Control

No matter how challenging your building, or facility’s specific needs or requirements are, our Secured Series PC Based Access Control Systems offer a wide range of features and flexible installation solutions. This includes a variety of configurations; hardware and software options as well as different converter and communication module options. Our PC Based secured series systems include the Max 3, Minimax and the Access Base 2000/AM3 All options can be networked using either a RS 485 or a TCIP.

PC-based Accessories

Our Customer Support team is happy to help you find the PC Based Accessories you need to maximize your company’s safety, security and peace-of-mind.