Municipal & Government

Thousands of state governments and local municipalities trust our access control technology solutions. In addition to all levels of government, our customers also include Fire Stations; Ambulances and EMS organizations; other organizations and entities. It also includes a very large and prominent International Church Associations who rely on our access control solutions every minute of the day. These institutions trust our access control systems for their safety and security on a multi-tier threat level.

We provide intuitive, secure access to financial and property records, as well as the personal data (information) of their constituents and other citizens. Our security systems are also scalable to adapt as your needs change. Need to solve “the impossible?” We will set up an Access Control system through which Electronic Access Keys unlock secured, prescribed medication – whenever needed. That’s just one example of a life-saving Access Control Key System feature that we’ve put in place for one of our customers, an ambulance service with over 200 vehicles.