The K-12 Education situation as a whole and campus environments (of all types and levels of students) in particular, have never been faced with more difficult security and access control challenges. The depth and breadth of the complexities, and nuances, of campus security are ever-changing and can be very intimidating.

Cost Effective and Safe

Fortunately, our K-12 Education Access Control technology solutions provide true peace of mind for all visitors including students, parents, teachers/faculty members, as well as suppliers and vendors. We utilize a very comprehensive approach – but one that delivers an industry leading ROI! That process starts with vendor background checks. We meet all of the COREY protocols; provide Alarm Forensics with graphical interfaces; Master Keys and Pass Keys; door sensors and door monitoring; visitor management control — and more. So when the alarm bell rings and one of your schools’ facility’s doors doesn’t lock as it was supposed to, our system will automatically send a communication — and immediately close that door.